this is a story…

Once upon a time, in a land not so far from the VCC Campus, a baby boy named David was born. He was a curious child, with an appetite for adventure and cookies. But mainly cookies. Throughout his childhood on the North Shore of Vancouver, he played with his two older sisters, went on sailing adventures with his father, and helped his mom bake all those cookies. Elementary and high school flew by – and all of a sudden, he was a college athlete, studying science and engineering, and dreaming of traveling. In the years after college, he visited over 25 countries, living in Australia, Fiji, and even Montreal! After realizing his heart belonged in Vancouver, he began a career in Sustainability and Energy Management. David still lives a life full of annoying his older sisters, sailing with his old-man, and baking cookies with his Mom.

Below, you will find a few articles and comments in the field of adult education – enjoy!



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