Teacher, Meet Tech.

I imagine a student of the future, or even of today, expecting fully integrated technology and online mastery from their teacher. They want beautifully designed graphics, embedded videos, and TED-talk style lectures with astounding visuals. All of this would make a dynamic and engaging learning experience, but it is not always possible to keep up with this trend as a teacher.

It takes a ton of effort and time to stay on top of technology. From Powerpoint shortcuts to integrated classroom software and online learning, there are countess ways technology can help in the classroom. BUT this also means teachers need to be well trained and well equipped to deliver. The integration of technology is by no means a new challenge for teachers, especially since the beginning of the internet era, but today, the tech-world is growing at outstanding speed, and keeping up is a full time job.

The following article, and referenced 2013 Report, touch on 6 technology challenges facing education:

6 Technology Challenges Facing Education




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