ARCS Motivation Model

As a alternative of posting an article or journal, this blog will kick off with a YouTube video which reviews what the ARCS model is. It was produced by Lisa Johnson, but the ARCS model was founded by J.M. Keller (2010).

The ARCS model is a great framework to get students motivated.It focuses on 4 different keys to motivation, Attention, Relevance, Confidence, and Satisfaction. This is just a framework to motivation, and forms learning designs and impacts outcomes.

Including all four factors seems overwhelming when planning a lesson, but having them in the back of your mind will be very helpful. I think that the most important factor to kick off a lesson is attention. No matter what the content is, if you build a sense of inquiry, perception, and humour, there will be a great foundation to apply the final three factors or relevance, confidence, and satisfaction.

The YouTube tutorial that Lisa Johnson made is a very clear lesson on ARCS, and I will refer back to it in the future!



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