Kolbs Experiential Learning Cycle

For this blog post, I chose to reference this very educational YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rp-gaV-uSIo

I’m going to print out Kolbs experiential learning cycle and hang it on the fridge. It serves as a great reminder of the cyclical nature of learning, and the do-review-learn-try again strategy. Personally, most of my learning starts with doing, and failing. This is a very quick, and sometimes painful, way to learn, and depending on the consequences. This cycle of learning would be especially important to consider if you are not in a traditional classroom but, for example, in the workplace where assignments and evaluations are not built into your regular workday. Being able to self evaluate, learn and re-do is a very important skill to get better at your job. In my teaching career, I should build in time to reflect after each lecture. Unfortunately, feedback from students is rare, so I need to take this on myself so I can see where I failed, and generate new ideas and understandings of myself and practices, ultimately making me a better teacher for the next time!


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