Skype Call With Diane

Chatting with another student taking this course was really fun. Learning about Diana’s motivation to take the PIDP program, and how she has navigated through this course so far was very interesting!

Diana wrote about an emerging trend in her field, Wildfires. This is also very topical since wildfire season has already started throughout British Columbia. Interestingly, I wrote my coinciding blog post on Water Conservation, which is definitely related to Wildfires, especially after the recent fires in Fort MacMurray. Regarding trends in adult education, Diana seemed most interested in self directed learning, and reflected upon the 4 steps of :
1. Be ready to learn
2. Set learning goals
3. Engage in process
4. Evaluation.
Lastly, as Diana moves forward in her career, she thinks her role will evolve into providing more small scale learning to smaller groups. Clearly this will be a less traditional teaching scenario, but one that may be more prevalent in the corporate training world than the traditional university classroom.

It was a pleasure talking with Diane, and we both hope it is a wet summer so the forest fires can be kept at bay!



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